We all have equal rights to access knowledge wherever it is and wherever we live.

We believe in freedom to access knowledge, as it has never been so easy and accessible to all. Thanks to the Internet and the Cloud Storage, thousands of people save willingly their knowledge and share it.

That is why Cloud Kite was created.

Cloud Kite is a tool that allows you to find, collect and share knowledge which people in their goodness have released in the Cloud.

These data do not belong to us, and should remain free. That is why we reject the idea to charge you when you access it with our tool.

However, Cloudkite is based on not free tools (APIs and hardware); which make our voluntary task difficult and expensive.

This application has been created and maintained by volunteers who ask for your support to maintain Cloud Kite and ensure free access to shared knowledge.

Tiyab Konlambigue, Cloud Kite Founder

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Contact us : support@cloudkite.info

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