Bob is a professor at the Sorbonne, he writes courses for his students.

He is a talented teacher and his classes are highly sought.


Phyllis is employed in a large multinational corporation, she makes ​​presentations to clients and her staff.


Max has just completed his thesis, he was a brilliant student with bright ideas.


Susan is a teenager who wants to become a writer, she currently writes interesting articles.


Bob lives in France, Phyllis in the Kenya, Max in England and Susan in Canada, they use the Cloud to store their documents which are mostly free to access on the internet.

cloud cycle

Cloud has tons of knowledge. In a few years the open documents stored in the cloud will reach billions.

This is why we have created Cloud Kite. It allows you to share and access millions of data.


Manrajwinder, a young Indian would be able to access Bob's lessons like Thomas, a French student.

Kathelin in US would be able to access Phyllis's presentations and could be inspired by them. Susan could share her articles with more people beyond her family and friends.


We allow you to recycle your documents, share your expertise, your knowledge and your talent and make it easily accessible to the world.

With Cloud Kite you can expand your network and influence the Cloud.