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Cloud Kite Search engine allow to share and find reusable professional and educational contents on the Cloud.

You may own a file that may be needed by other users in the world. Release your public files and help professionals and students worldwide.
Every day thousands of files are released in the Cloud, Cloud Kite allows you to search these files.
Help people find specific files you have or can create, create files and help people over the word.

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Share your expertise
You can share your expertise beyond your circles by promoting and recycling your content. Cloud Kite is aiming to explore Cloud potentiality and provide both to users a platform to valorise their unused files and find useful files.
Claim your ownership
Accessing, reading or using your content is great, but seeing the person or the company behind the content is even better. One of the best features we provide you, is the ability to claim ownership of your public contents on the Cloud and monitor it.
Know your audience
Know who is using your content, talking about you or your products on the Cloud can be extremely important for building your brand and your reputation online. We provide you the ability to monitor your content in the Cloud.


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