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Do you know Google Drive ?

Google Drive is a free service that lets you store all your files including documents, photos, videos and Google Docs online and access them anywhere (More about Google Drive).

"Google Drive" helps users share their files, folders and "Google Docs" with whomever they want at whatever level of access they choose.

Users can select "Public sharing" if they would like something to be available to everyone. Public docs and files can show up in search results, and anyone who finds the link to the doc can access it.

Public sharing on the web is a great option if users are trying to spread the word about something. For example, they could create a flyer for a concert, save it as a public doc and post a link to it on their blog.

Every day thousands of files are released in the Cloud this way. Currently, "Google Drive" does not provide a direct tool to search for these files and users can't find complete information when running normal queries in Google Search, Bing, or Yahoo Search.

What we doing ?

"Cloud Kite" goal is to allow people to search for those files, view them and contact their owners if necessary. Cloud Kite search engine is completely based on Google Services.

How it Works ?

In "Search" section, Cloud Kite use 4 Google Services to provide you a powerful files search engine :

  • With Google Search service you search for basic files information, indexed by Google Search;
  • With Google Drive service you search for complementing information about files found with Google Search. This also helps you manage your Google Drive files (You must have a Google Drive account);
  • With Google Plus service you are allowed to search for files owners information (You must have a Google Plus account. More about Google Plus);
  • With Google Books service, you got useful books about terms you searched for.

Search results presentation

Search "Google Drive" results are sorted by type(B) with the following information:

  • (1) Thumbnail: Shown when pointing the cursor on the file icon;
  • (2) Description: Shown when pointing the cursor on the file name;
  • (4) Potential owner information: Shown when pointing the cursor on file owner name (You must have a Google Plus account).

Operations possible :

  • (3) Rate a file;
  • (5) Open button: Open a file that could be managed with Google Doc;
  • (6) Download button: Download the file;
  • (7) Share your discovery with users;
  • (8) Short Url button: Shorten URL;
  • (9) Drive It button: Send the file directly to own Drive. This minimizes bandwidth usage;
  • (10) G+ button : Share the file on Google plus or Twitter.

With Cloud Kite search engine, users can also target (A) other Cloud systems (Dropbox, Onedrive and Box) and send files to their Drive Account.

Share files and promote your contents in the Cloud

In order to provide a search engine for public files on the Cloud, Cloud Kite encourages users to share their own files. It provides a simple tool that helps:

  • To quickly share files you want to publish on the web;
  • To quickly find out which of your files are publicly available on the web and unshare them if necessary.

(*)Publicly shared files may take time to be indexed by Google Search.

Are you sourcing Cloud ?

If you are sourcing Cloud, don't ignore the importance of promoting and monitoring your content. The content you produce and publicly share on various Cloud platforms can communicate the message you want people or customers to know about you.

Accessing, reading or using your content is great, but seeing the person or the company behind the content is even better. One of the best features we provide you, is the ability to claim ownership of your public contents on the Cloud and monitor it.

Should a file (presentation, essay, book, magazine) of yours gain notoriety, you can claim ownership of it. By claiming ownership of a specific Cloud Public File, your name will be seen.

Share a file with CloudKite

To share file(s) and/or indexing it with CloudKite in the menu "Share" select the sub-menu "Share Files". This action will show up your Google Drive files.

Select file(s) you want to share or indexed and click on the "Select" button. You will see your file or list of files to share.

To add impact to your file(s), you can add category and type before sharing.

File publicly available and unsharing

To know which of your files are publicly available, on the menu "Share", select sub-menu "Files shared" and type in the search box file name, file type or "*.*" (this mean all) and send request. Cloudkite will scan your drive and you can find out all your files available publicly. This operation may take time.

You can click "Unshare" button to delete sharing. You can also unshare your files through Google Drive interface

Report copyright infringements and abuse

If someone :

  • has posted your copyrighted/trademarked work without your permission;
  • has violated your privacy by posting personal information, pictures, or other private data not in the public record;
  • has engaged in libel/slander/defamation against you, your family, or your company;
  • has posted spam, pornography, or hate content;
  • has made a false claim resulting in removal of your content.

Please contact us at this email :

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